Offer a Voucher, it's the ideal gift !!!

The Elohim Space makes it possible to offer services to your family and friends.
An offer voucher is the ideal gift that fits your wishes and the personality of the person to whom you want to offer the voucher.
You have the possibility to choose between all the massages and facials and body treatments as well as the sessions of Chinese Medicine.
How to buy an Elohim Spa voucher offer?
You can buy an offer voucher on our site, then pay with your Paypal account or with your debit credit card.
When you buy from Elohim, you have the possibility to receive the voucher by email or by mail or to pick it up at our center.
In order to issue it, we will need the name of the person who will benefit from the offer voucher.

Voucher values ​​are between 40€ and 400€

Or You can pay by Bank Transfer on account:

0018 0003 35271055020 72 (Santander Totta) Elohim Terapias Alternativas e Bem-Estar Lda.
If you choose this type of payment, we will need the proof of payment that you can send to, referring to the amount or type of voucher you wish to offer and the name of the person to whom you wish to offer the same.
Do not forget the data for billing, a contact phone and indicating the full name of the account holder of origin (for the correct identification of your payment in our account).

After this validation you will receive an email once the voucher is ready.
You can then go to our space or, alternatively, the voucher can be sent by email or sent by CTT.
In case you wish the voucher to be sent by mail, you must tell us the name and address of the recipient.
Or Buy an offer voucher directly at the Elohim Spa counter and take the voucher with you.