Therapeutic Massage

The terapeutic massage is a technique that is directed toward eliminating or diminishing muscular pain that is related to tension, blocked energy, or lack of toning…
Furthermore, its use is an efficient complement to other types of therapies. There are different methods: sports, relaxation, stimulating, and therapeutic massages.
The technique is based on friction, pressure, percussion and stretching, depending on the problem being treated and the method used.
These techniques are accompanied by the utilization of oils to improve the manipulation and application of a quiromassage.

There are many benefits:
The massage activates circulation speed, as it acts on the veins and produces a squeezing or emptying action in the vein walls, allows for the development of force and movement in the muscles.
It also produces significant growth in venous and lymphatic interior circulation, and it facilitates and adds to muscular metabolism.
It raises the temperature of the skin from 2 to 3ºC.
This raise in temperature provokes benefits in people affected by circulatory, neurovegetative illnesses. In cases of anemia, quiromassage is suggested (especially at the abdominal level) because it stimulates the function of the hemoglobin in the blood.

60min: 50€ / 90min: 70€