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Relaxing massage with tea ritual

For the couple: 60min: 90 € / 90min: 135 €

Relaxing Massage is a deep, relaxing massage that restores the balance of body and mind. A selected oil is applied and several techniques that have as main function to promote the improvement of the blood circulation, to remove toxic substances, to relieve the stress and to reestablish the psycho-emotional, physiological and energetic area of ​​each individual.

Therapeutic massage with tea ritual

For the couple 1h: 90 € / 1h30: 135 €

Therapeutic massage can be applied to different parts of the body or continuously throughout the body, to relieve stress and tension, decrease muscle pain, control pain, eliminate physical trauma, improve blood circulation and flexibility, promote health and well-being and also improve the quality of life.
The therapist can use various massage techniques according to your diagnosis and will direct your work according to your needs. This technique is based on frictions, pressures, percussions or stretching, depending on the problem to be addressed and the methodology used.

Massage with Hot Stones with Tea Ritual

For the couple 1h: 110 € / 1h30: 150 €

Massage with Hot Stones is the application of thermotherapy, in which the heat conduction is transmitted to the body through plutonic stones that have been cooled slowly over thousands of years, remaining in its composition all its energetic and biochemical potential, such as iron and magnesium silicate.
The heat emanated from the stones is applied to the body of people by means of advanced techniques of massage therapy and thermotherapy.
The thermal energy that comes from the stones penetrates deeply into the muscles, promoting intense relaxation, as well as clearing and normalizing the energy flow.

Massage with Candles with Tea Ritual

For the couple 1h: € 125 / 1h30: € 165

This massage comes from the United States, is made from candles, which are heated until they come to a liquid state.
Then the products are watered by the body along with sliding massage maneuvers and compressions, which aid in absorption.
In this treatment, the cosmetic candle is always used at a temperature around 35 ° C, which makes the technique enjoyable at any time of the year.
Paraffin-free, non-toxic cosmetic candles and specific essential oils are used to moisturize the body.
The massage does not hurt and there is no problem with burns.
The therapist checks the temperature during the massage.
The candle massage promotes skin hydration for up to 15 days, and prevents stretch marks, combats skin dryness and flaccidity. Benefits:

  • Relief of muscle tension,
  • Muscle aches, fatigue and stiffness;
  • Reduction of cramp;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Relief of headaches;
  • Elimination of fatigue,
  • Restoring energy;
  • Muscle relaxation;
  • Relief of stress and insomnia symptoms;
  • Constipation relief;
  • Increased skin nutrition;
  • Elimination of toxins;
  • Helps loosen and eliminate mucus and bronchial secretion from the lungs, unclogging the airways.